most runs ipl2024
Most run in IPL 2024

Who will be the most run in IPL 2024 The ongoing Indian Premier Cricket League season is in full swing. The draw brings a lot of intrigue: who will be the champion, who will play in the final, and which players will be the most effective? In this article, let’s look at which players from […]

Indian Premier League 2024
Who will win IPL 2024

Who will win IPL 2024: Indian Premier League favorites The Indian Premier League 2024 is the most significant event in Indian sports. The current league season is in full swing, and it is already possible to summarise the interim results and highlight the main favorites to win. Who is in the best position to win […]

IPL 2024
Indian Premier League 2024

Indian Premier League 2024 Indian Premier League is the most popular Twenty20 cricket tournament, established in 2007. Moreover, it ranks sixth in the list of the most popular sports championships in the world. IPL’s brand becomes more expensive every year. In 2023, the Indian Premier League final was watched by more than 32 million people. […]

Cricket: History, tournaments, rules

Cricket: History, tournaments, rules Cricket is a team sport played between two squads of eleven players. The game is played on a vast rectangular field. Cricket includes various match formats such as Test, One-Day, and Twenty20, which vary in duration and rules. The game aims to earn points or runs between the two ends of […]