Who will win IPL 2024: Indian Premier League favorites

The Indian Premier League 2024 is the most significant event in Indian sports. The current league season is in full swing, and it is already possible to summarise the interim results and highlight the main favorites to win. Who is in the best position to win right now? Let’s look at it together and get a qualitative analysis. The current IPL season is pleasantly surprising. The league has considerable intrigue: who will win IPL 2024, who will play in the playoffs? Those are the main questions for the end of the season. Let’s analyze and predict the outcome of the current season.

Rajasthan Royals 2.8
Kolkata Knight Riders 2.8
Chennai Super Kings5.5
Sunrisers Hyderabad5
Lucknow Super Giants12
Delhi Capitals48
Royal Challengers Bengaluru48
Gujarat Titans350
Punjab Kings350
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IPL 2024: Top favorites to win

Though the first round of IPL 2024 is not yet over, the reigning Indian champions, Chennai Super Kings, are close to failing the current season. 

Chennai already has four defeats to their credit and a very bad situation in the table. Further, a lot depends on the other teams. The squad needs to win all their subsequent matches and hope for a misfire from their rivals. Looking at the calendar of future matches, you can see few chances in the prediction. The betting odds confirm an unfavorable future for Chennai in this season. 

Rajasthan Royals have shown an impressive start and are currently at the top of the table In the current IPL season. The team was close to qualifying for the playoffs in the previous one. They finished fifth with the same points as Mumbai Indians but failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Under Sanju Samson’s leadership, Rajasthan won its first three league matches convincingly. The real eye-opener was their win over Mumbai Indians. It was then clear that Rajasthan would be a trophy contender.

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In the first matches, the team has tactically improved its ability to counter the top teams. This is all thanks to coach Sanju Samson. The combative Rajasthan squad also contributed to the successful results. Since the first matches, all the key players have been fit and injury-free. The team’s main star Jos Butler is also in top condition.

Rajasthan faced only one defeat against Gujarat Titans. It was seen by many as a ridiculous setback. After all, Rajasthan confidently outplayed Punjab Kings in the next round, and they continue to lead the table. When you look at Rajasthan’s solid performance, you realize who will win 2024 IPL.

Odds list for winning Indian Premier League 2024

Rajasthan’s first followers in the standings are Kolkatta Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Lucknow Super Giants. These teams are rightly placed high on the table, and their brilliant performance in the first round is a testament to that.

Teams like Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals and Gujarat Titans still have a slim chance of making the playoffs. 

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